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Following a trial session and confirmation of a place, we require the Bill Payer (Parent/Guardian unless age 18 or over) to complete the New Student Form. Pease read our Privacy Notice and our Terms of Service (see below) prior to completing the form. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Terms of Service


a. Regular lessons are provided during school term time and are subject to a minimum booking period of one full term (or remainder thereof if starting during a term) excluding one week of half term.
b. Term dates are within those published by WSCC for an academic school year.
c. Tuition fees are payable termly, either in full or in two instalments, within 7 days of receipt of invoice.
d. Tuition fees are published on our Website and are subject to annual review.
e. Notice to discontinue lessons can be be given at/by the end of any full term. If notice is not received by us an invoice for the following term will then be issued. A fee equivalent to half of a term will be charged in the event of an invoice being issued where notice has not been received by us.


a. Cancellations made by the student within the booking period are non-refundable.
b. If the tutor is unavailable to provide a scheduled lesson due to illness (or any other reason beyond our control), notice will be given and the lesson will either be covered by another tutor, made up at a later date (in the same term) or a credit to the value of the lesson will apply.
c. Students will not be invoiced for any lesson that the Tutor is not able to provide due to a pre-planned absence.


a. The Student, if over 18 otherwise their Parent/Guardian, is responsible for any loss or damage occurring to any instrument, accessory or music lent by the tutor to the student.
b. The Student, if over 18 otherwise their Parent/Guardian, is responsible for the insurance of their own instrument.
c. The Student, if over 18 otherwise their Parent/Guardian, is to inform their tutor of any medical, or other, condition that may affect a lesson.


a. Chichester Music Academy Ltd carries appropriate Public Liability Insurance. All our tutors are DBS approved.
b. Chichester Music Academy Ltd only accepts responsibility for the safety Students (if under 18) once they are under the supervision of the tutor within the classroom. We do not provide supervision for any persons whilst on the premises and outside of the classroom.
c. All equipment kept at Globe House, and provided by us when in a public place, is the property of Chichester Music Academy Ltd and must not be handled or used in any way without our permission.


a. Individual Students (of any age) may be photographed and these images may be used for promotional purposes including digital publication on the Chichester Music Academy and in related Social Media, as well as in local press, and leaflet / brochure advertising.
b. Permission (5a) is requested when registering with Chichester Music Academy.
c. IP and copyright on all images and video taken by Chichester Music Academy, or by an approved third party, belongs to Chichester Music Academy. We do not lease or sell copyrighted material to other individuals or organisations.


a. Chichester Music Academy complies with Data Protection Legislation (GDPR). Our Privacy Notice is available on the Chichester Music Academy Website, amongst other things it sets out our procedures for handling personal data.
b. In accordance with our Privacy Notice every person, if over 18 otherwise their Parent/Guardian, registering with Chichester Music Academy is asked to give their permission for us to store and process the minimum amount of personal information we need to provide our music tuition and related services.
c. If permission (6b) is not given, and there is no agreeable alternative, then we reserve the right to decline our music tuition and related services
d. If permission (6b) is withdrawn at a later date, and there is no agreeable alternative, then we reserve the right to cancel our music tuition and related services.


a. These terms of Service may be updated from time to time.

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