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Fantastic tuition with Tom, who has worked with my son to give him a real love of playing the guitar!

Guitar Lessons

We are proud to offer some of the most experienced guitar and ukulele tuition in Chichester. We believe in learning what you love and the rest will follow. All ages and abilities welcome.

Guitar teachers at Chichester Music Academy include Harry Wilson, Dave Soothill, Tom Rackliff, Matt Fearnley, Jack Hertzberg, Alice Milburn, Immy Sleep, Henry Horner, Sam Bell and Dave Holmes (both Sam and Dave H are currently available online only). Each are exceptional guitarists, great teachers, and performing musicians, covering a wide variety of styles between them!

We look forward to developing your playing whether it be song play, technique, grades or songwriting.

Have a listen to Dave Soothill !

Our guitar tutors

Harry Wilson

David Soothill guitar lessons at Chichester Music Academy

David Soothill

Tom Rackliff guitar lessons at Chichester Music Academy

Tom Rackliff

Matt Fearnley guitar lessons at Chichester Music Academy

Matt Fearnley

Guitar Lessons

Jack Hertzberg


alice milburn

Alice Milburn

Immy Sleep

Sam Bell

Online lessons only

Dave Holmes

Online lessons only

Guitar Lessons include
Technique and guidance Improvisation
Songwriting Grades
Performance Theory

1-1 Tuition Fees

By visiting the Chichester Music Academy for a free introductory lesson we will be able to ascertain which tutor is right for you. If you wish to book further lessons then the following fees apply:

30 minutes - £19
45 minutes - £28.50
60 minutes - £38
Chichester Music Lessons


From guitar to piano, vocals to drums we deliver some of the most experienced music tuition in Chichester. Our tutors are fully DBS checked and insured. Find out more…

Chichester Music Lessons

Group Music Sessions

We aim to inspire young singers and musicians, of any standard, by enabling them to perform with each other. The focus on is fun, through an informal approach. Find out more…

Chichester Music Lessons


Contemporary Music Workshops, aimed at children and young people of all ages and abilities, take place during the school holidays and at other times.Find out more…

Chichester Music Lessons

Live Performance

Young bands, singers and groups have the opportunity to perform at one of a number of music festivals, shows and concerts that take place during the year. Find out more…

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