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“Amazing” Rock Show

I’ve been to quite a rock shows over the years, including some highly-professional big budget shows, and I can honestly say that what I saw at the Minerva Theatre over this weekend was nothing short of outstanding, and I’m putting aside any biased I may have in saying this! Having 108 children and young people (with varying levels of experience and confidence) appear on stage in bands, with 1 or 2 song sets (barely enough for a pro-band to warm up), and giving them less than a minute to get on and off, whilst also considering that very few band members are at the same school, or even in the same year, and only meet for 45 mins a week in term time to rehearse, is enough to make most sane people think twice about hiring such a prestigious theatre in which to do this!!

The standard of performance from these talented young musicians was about a good as it gets, and it’s great to see so many new faces amongst the more familiar ones who’ve appeared in our previous shows.. also to see those with low to zero confidence walking out on stage in-front of a packed house and giving it their all alongside their band mates. Truly amazing! Super Proud!! Very well done to each and every performer!

This show would not have been possible without the generous support from Covers, Seaward properties, Rathbones, Bruised Apple, Home Instead, Chichester College, Chichester Orthodontics and Chichester Music Academy. Equally there would be no show without our amazing tutors (George, Tom, Murray, Jack, Dan, Immy, Henry, Jordan H, Jordan P, and technical team David (Sound), Ben (Lighting), Matisse & Finn (Playlist audio), Enya (runner) all of whom worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything ran so smoothly from start to finish! So on behalf of the Trustees I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the above, and to Stuart, Steve & Lucinda (Comperes), Adorjan (Photography), Dani, Venetia, Sarah, Mac, Emma (Volunteers), Dylan, James, Luca, Riley, Jack, Thomas, James (college work-experience), the Chaperones & CFT, and to ALL the performers and to everyone who came along to support them.

Here’s to 2021 and our 5th anniversary ROCK SHOW!!

Nick Davidson – Founder / Trustee OVATION MUSIC

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