Chichester Music Academy Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


a. Regular lessons are provided during school term and are subject to a minimum booking period of one full term (or remainder thereof if starting during a term) excluding half term, bank holidays and any other part weeks.
b. Term dates are the same as those published by WSCC for an academic school year.
b. Tuition fees are payable termly and in advance of lessons being given.
c. Tuition fees are published on our Website and are subject to annual review.


a. Cancellations made by the student within the booking period are non-refundable.
b. If the tutor is unavailable to provide a scheduled lesson due to illness, notice will be given and the lesson will be made up or a credit to the value of the lesson will apply.
c. Students will not be invoiced for any lesson that the Tutor is not able to teach due to a planned absence.

a. The student, if over 18, otherwise the parent, is responsible for any loss or damage occurring to any instrument, accessory or music lent by the tutor to the student.
b. The student, if over 18, otherwise the parent, is responsible for the insurance of their own instrument.
c. The student, if over 18, otherwise the parent, is to inform their tutor of any medical, or other, condition that may affect a lesson and/or a performance.


a. Chichester Music Academy Ltd only accepts responsibility for the safety of students (if under 18) once they are under the supervision of the tutor within the classroom. We do not provide supervision for any persons whilst on the premises and outside of the classroom.
b. Chichester Music Academy Ltd carries appropriate Public Liability Insurance. All our tutors are DBS approved.
c. All equipment kept at Globe House, and provided by us when in a public place, is the property of Chichester Music Academy Ltd and must not be handled or used in any way without our permission.

a. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time.

(Please use the New Student Form to indicate your preference)

a. Students may be photographed and these images may be used for promotional purposes including publication on our Website and via social and local media, and leaflet / brochure advertising.
b. Live performances given by students may be recorded and /or filmed for promotional purposes including publication on our website and via social media, and CD/DVD distribution.